When you start fencing at DSV Gascogne, you can borrow the fencing material from us. We will lend you a bodywire, for which you will be responsible. If it breaks or malfunctions, it is your job to fix it. When you buy your own wire or cancel your membership, you have to return the borrowed wire to the club.

We expect our members to own a complete training kit (electric weapon, bodywire, mask, jacket and glove) within a year after joining the club.

What should I get first?DSC_0928

After max. 6 months:

  • Electric weapon
  • Fils de corps (bodywire)

After max. one year:

  • Mask
  • Jacket
  • Glove

If you don’t have these items within the stipulated times, you’ll be charged rent, which is a 20% surcharge on the club fees. The surcharge will be raised with 10% at each expired deadline.

Where can I buy fencing kit?

It’s easy: you can order your kit through us! Several times a year, we place an order with Marker Fechtwelt in Germany. We have a dedicated online order form which we send to our members.

If you want to buy your own kit, please take a look here for some helpful tips and tricks. For safety reasons, you need to have any new items that you did not buy through us, checked and signed off by our coach or the executive committee.





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